Facilitating a workshop at More Than Rubies 2018. Photo credit: FolkYEAH!

Facilitating a workshop at More Than Rubies 2018. Photo credit: FolkYEAH!


You Design You


Sometimes, life happens so quickly that we forget to check where we are heading. This 2.5 hour workshop will teach you how to evaluate where you are right now, and where you really want to be going. Take time to look at the way you craft your life, and identify what’s holding you back.

This workshop is designed for 22 - 30 year olds who have been in the workforce for 2+ years. 

Check your internal compass

Why are you where you are right now? Check in on the most important aspects of your life and evaluate which areas need some intentional focus. Learn how to channel energy into the places where you need it most.

Re-evaluate your life through the lens of ‘should’ and ‘must’

How often do you do something or continue with a commitment because you are ‘supposed to’? Visit (or re-visit) your sense of purpose. Learn how to recognise your ‘must dos’, and how to let go of your ‘supposed tos’.

Dig deep on what “meaningful” is to you

Do you have a feeling that the goals you’re working towards (in life or in work) are not quite right? Follow my formula to help identify what matters to you - and what you need to do in order to get there.

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From previous participants:

"Anna is a very accomplished facilitator with a fresh and insightful way of looking at different situations and problems."

"Anna offers unique but sensible suggestions and provides useful anecdotes and information from studies in support of her recommendations."

"I realised that while work is important because we spend so much time doing it, there are so many factors that influence one’s life."