Well, well, it it isn't Welly

So I have never been a fan of whoever decided the way to happiness is to make your passion into your job. For a start, I have no idea what my ‘passion’ is. Secondly, I can’t help but wonder if it would evoke the chocolate rule. You know, where you can easily scoff a whole block of Whittakers by yourself but really one row of chocolate shared between friends tastes so much sweeter.

In saying that, being a hiking guide for the summer truly was dreamy. Actually, it was more making chat with strangers and constantly having wet feet, but turns out that’s my sort of dream. So when I accepted a job as Programme Manager with Inspiring Stories I was a little apprehensive. Walking on a concrete pavement to work? Sitting in a chair for the best part of the day? Having internet access all the time? Woah. That was so 2015.

There are plenty of lawyers who have exiled themselves into new careers. What if guiding was my new career? (I refuse on principle to call it my passion-turned-job.) It would be an excellent solution to the aversion towards multi-level buildings I seem to have developed. But I’ve had this belief taking root in the back of my mind since I started getting so much thinking time in the mountains; 2016 is all about pushing my boundaries.

I had a heap of choices to make about my next step, but I ultimately decided that working with awesome young New Zealanders in the oft-forgotten provinces was a ‘hell yeah!’. Maybe I will return to guiding one day (or should I be saying law? Hmm...). For the moment however, the city it is.

It’s pretty alarming how easily I have slipped back into being a city slicker. When I landed my new role, I was offered the choice of moving to either Wellington or Auckland (sorry, AKL friends!). I chose Wellington in admiration of its rather energetic winds. Fine, not really. But it was a choice that reflected the fact I want to keep mixing things up.

So here I am. Dangerously close to becoming a coffee drinker and back to wearing dresses at work. Perhaps what I love the most though is the fact that a year ago, I could have never imagined my life now. And for a reformed (ok, reforming) control geek, that’s pretty rad.

Anna WatsonWellington