Into the wild

It's taken three years to get myself into a position to write this post.

Now that I'm here, time seems irrelevant. But it still shouldn't have taken so long. I blame my pesky to-do lists always getting in the way. I know some of my friends are already ahead of me on this one, and to be honest I don't know how I didn't catch on earlier.

So. Three years ago, I went on an Outward Bound course as a sort of stepping stone from university into the corporate world. I consider myself a rather adventurous, independent sort of lass. So imagine my surprise to find every ounce of composure tumbling away when I was told I was getting plonked in the bush for three nights on my own. Yep, this was the infamous 'solo'. And I lost the plot.

In fact, it turned out that the solo more like a soul-woah. Despite the initial (and uninvited) tears, I found it to be the best thing I had done for myself in months, if not years. One of my resolutions stemming from that experience was to seek out my own solo, sometime after Outward Bound.

Turns out that my 'sometime after' amounted to over three years. There was always something else on my agenda. Proof-reading diligence reports (not by choice), a weekend away with friends (by contrast, an excellent choice), the latest Game of Thrones episode (also an excellent choice). Whatever it was, it got in the way. Over and over again.

But recently, I've decided that my life is for living in the now. I still intend to get a real job at some point, buy a house, do my tax returns on time. But not yet. So, instead having a day off where I invariably find myself scrolling the wonderful-yet-slightly-overwhelming web for the elusive dream job, I finally missioned out on a self-constructed soul-woah.

And here I am. Soaking up the serenity at 1477 metres above sea level. There is not another human about. Just me. Last time I wrote a blog, I was still slightly panicked from a case of (self-inflicted) career crystal-gazing. But this micro-adventure has washed all that away.

Maybe the stress of real life is waiting for me in the carpark. Right now though, it's all about me, the sunset and a peanut butter sandwich.

Anna WatsonGlenorchy