Goal diggity

So I realised that I’ve lately been taking up as a goal digger again. It’s been a bit accidental actually. Like finding that really comfy sweater that you completely forgot about after you stuffed at the back of the wardrobe last winter.

Over the summer I didn’t have any goal-setting sessions. In between floods and helicopters and meeting literally a thousand humans there simply wasn’t time for it. Actually, I lie. There totally was. I was just trying out my denial coat. And it fitted great, at the time.

But now, something I am really conscious of is to not forget what I learnt in the mountains. First hurdle; what did I actually learn? Hard to say when guiding doesn’t just feel like a previous chapter but an entirely different library. Anyway, this drive of mine to keep in mind lessons learnt. Is that a goal in itself? Unsure. I am told that a goal without definitions or a plan is just a dream. Maybe not then. But since I’m only just getting back into the whole goal thing, let’s just cut me a break and roll with yes.

So far, I think I’m doing ok at this ‘goal’. Sure, I sleep in the same place every night, sending emails is part of my job description, I cook my own meals. Normality is creeping back into my life. But I’m not the same city gal I was in Auckland. Instead of brunching on the weekend for example, I spent twice as much money going out to Kapiti Island so I could chase down native birds. Yep, I have officially taken up what is commonly recognised to be an old people’s hobby. By myself. Real cool, Anna. (Actually, it was super cool and everyone should do it, but I understand I might be pushing my luck here.)

Even though I am no longer trekking through glacial valleys of the Milford, I am trekking through the realm of the Internet again. There are some thought-provoking articles out there! Surprisingly practical advice about job satisfaction, the value of chasing creativity as a ticket to identifying your life path and Google’s take on how to build the perfect team.

Once I start down the track of aforementioned interesting-and-fulfilling-articles though, it is bit of a downward spiral. I can tell myself that it isn’t your standard Internet time-sucking procrastination experience, since I am learning some Really Important Life Stuff. Next thing I know, I have filled twenty pages of my notebook with goals and musings to keep in mind at all times. There goes my New Years’ revolution against having any resolutions.

So returning to what I learnt over the summer, what I really want to do, when I strip everything back, is to live in the present. I was an avid goal digger when I worked in the legal world, because it acted as a band-aid for the fact I didn’t enjoy what I was doing at that time. I actively avoided goal digging when I was a guide, because so much of my job required total concentration on the here and now. Which was absolutely ok, because it was only ever going to be for six months.

I’m hoping this new role strikes a happy medium. I’m piloting a new programme after all, so some forethought is crucial. But I also want to relish riding the wave of right now. Because when it comes down to it, who the heck knows what is going to happen next.

Anna WatsonTe Aro