An everyday adventurist

I consider myself a rather adventurous lass. A claim I somewhat smugly validated by skipping off to the mountains rather than face another summer watching the sunshine rattle around the inside of my cubicle.

My sojourn into the mountains has come to an end (for now). And I am desperate to squeeze adventure into the grey of the city. Luckily for me, I have fallen in love with Wellington. My affair began last year, when I flirted weekends away with friends at Maranui Café and up Mount Vic. Auckland might have suspected something was brewing, but in the end it didn’t stand a chance. So I’m a bit harsh in deploring an exile to a few thousand piles of grey concrete and steel. But the fact remains that Wellington is a city. And as such I still find myself craving adventure.

I have always admired Alastair Humphries (i.e., Superman for city adventurists), a guy who encourages working by day and camping in public gardens at night. Since moving to Welly I have tried to emulate this approach. Well ok, not exactly. In my dreams. On that note, anyone who is keen for an overnight bivvy mission on say Wednesday, let me know.

To be honest, my weekday adventures don’t require any stretch of one’s imagination, something for which I could be embarrassed, but instead shall claim it is to ensure anyone with sneakers can follow my lead. I live in Ngaio, which by Welly standards might as well be Upper Hutt. But I love it because it gives me the perfect excuse to run the aptly named Skyline Walk to work. I literally tiptoe across the horizon, the city flung far down to my right, and rolling hills nestled with windmills spinning out to my left. Adventure fix before work? Tick.

I recently went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival. This is the ultimate adventure hit, so it should be no surprise I went to both screenings. So. Much. Inspiration. Remind me to take a year off and do something worth showing at the Festival one day. Anyway. One of the documentaries was of this bunch of slightly crazy guys who decided to climb and ski North America’s third tallest peak. In a weekend. The best part was, one of the guys has a 9-to-5 job. Yus! Someone who isn’t a dedicated ski bum / rock climbing fiend / full-time hippie. I can totally be that person!

So adventures before work; yep. Adventures in a weekend; definitely. But what about life’s bad habit of getting in the way of these plans? I came across some advice the other day on how to stop being busy and start getting things done. It is angled towards a creating a better work culture, but I reckon it can apply to life as well.

I may be a city gal now but I’m not going to let myself be too busy to be an adventurous lass as well. Sure, it takes a bit more forethought. But making time for a dose of exhilaration in our cluttered lives is surely invaluable.

Anna WatsonNgaio